Rolex evaluation

The service at The Horologists team from Dr. Crott Consulting S.A.R.L. supports its expertise’s with 30 years experience of inside knowledge at Rolex key services, for evaluation of originality, quality and restoration.
Dr. H. Crott was one of the watch experts in the mid seventies to offer vintage Rolex as collector’s items to the public.

Looking back since 1975 on that history of prestigious vintage Rolex handlings, it is interesting to note how were evaluated Calendar, Moon Phases, Day dates, Sports and complicated Rolex, as Daytona, Paul Newman and early chronographs in there “nature” condition, with no systematic in-depth questioning about originality and restoration particularities, as at the time these watches mostly came to us from their original owners.

Now a day the subject of collecting vintage Rolex has evolve with much complexity, more questions need to be answered:

  • Dial original
  • Case original
  • Movement matching 
  • Bracelet and clasp original
  • Papers and box of origin
  •  Special series

We evaluate your Rolex collection
We offer assistance in creating a Rolex collection
We offer assistance in the selling of Rolex collection
To keep the value of your collection we guide you in the maintenance service of your Rolex watches (in details that means what should and should not be done)


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