About Horological Consultancy

Dr. Helmut Crott

After first training as a surgeon, Dr. Helmut Crott later discovered the arts and techniques of watchmaking in his capacity as a collector. Captivated by the fascinating subject of timekeeping and exquisite timepieces crafted to perfection, he soon became an expert in the field and finally decided to make his living as an auctioneer specialising in fine watches. He organised over 50 auctions between 1975 and 1993 and was one of the first to establish the vintage mechanical wristwatch as a collectable.

Following the sale of his auction house in 1993, Helmut Crott was mandated to create what would become one of the most important Patek Philippe wristwatch collections. 

In the early 2000s, the famous dial-maker Stern Creations in Geneva invited Dr Crott’s former consulting company The Source Techdata SA to systematically archive its dial production records dating back more than 100 years. This work, together with the wealth of information he had gleaned over many years, thus laid the foundation stone for the Patek Philippe Database, the most comprehensive record to date of its history, products and price developments. The Database naturally became the go-to resource for major auction houses and top collectors alike.

Having supported the Urban Jürgensen brand for several years in the development of its own calibres, Dr Crott acquired the world-famous historic manufacturer following the sudden death of former owner, Peter Baumberger in 2010. In November 2014, one of its new calibres won the GPHG prize in the “Men’s wristwatch” category. Urban Jürgensen came under the ownership of a group of Danish watch enthusiasts shortly thereafter. 

From 2015 onwards, Dr. Crott refocused on his passion for vintage wristwatches, this time with the emphasis on the dial and the making thereof. In 2019, this resulted in the French publication of what is now considered to be the industry's own reference book on the subject:  

“LE CADRAN, Visage de la montre bracelet au 20è siècle“

An English edition will be published in May 2023.